Rave SmartSave Award

Rave SmartSave Award

The Rave SmartSave Award is a great way to recognize and reward call takers and responders for being able to use Smart911 in any way to positively impact a call. This is also a great way to generate positive PR for your agency and promote Smart911. You can submit any call through the link below, we’ll create a case study on the incident, a press release for you to issue and the dispatcher or responder will be awarded a certificate along with a prize ranging from an Amazon gift card to a pizza party for their entire shift.

Remember, a SmartSave does not need to be a life saving situation. Any situation, even if it seems minor, which utilizes Smart911 is eligible. There is no limit to how many awards can be presented to an agency or individual in a given time frame.

Example situations

Safety profile: If the Safety Profile is used in any way, to provide information, confirm details with the caller, or needs to be referenced during the call or response.

Facility Profile: If a Facility Profile is used in any way, similar to the safety profile above.

Smart911Chat: With or without a Safety Profile, if Smart911Chat is used to communicate with the caller to facilitate dispatch and response

Smart911Notes: If previous notes are utilized in order to assist in the dispatch and response.

First Responder Portal: If a responder in the field is able to utilize the responder portal in order to assist in the response.

Prizes for Use of Features:

Chat, Notes, & First Responder Portal: $50 gift card to Amazon, Press Release, and Certificate

Citizen Safety Profile & Facility Profile: Pizza Party for entire shift, Press Release, and Certificate