School Outreach Materials

School Outreach Materials

Schools are a great partner to increase awareness about Smart911. With emails, newsletters, social media content and information packets being provided to parents, this is a great opportunity to include information about Smart911 and how parents can take action to help keep their children safe.

And now with the addition of Smart911Facility, schools can be provided with an additional level of protection for their facilities, students and staff in the event of any emergency.

Watch this video of a missing child call with Smart911:

Reaching Out to the Schools in Your Community

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SchoolSafety_Checklist_Teen3 SchoolSafety_Checklist_Teen2 SchoolSafety_Checklist_Teen

SchoolSafety_Checklist_Child SchoolSafety_Checklist_Child3 Canthiscellprotecther_Teen_Flyer

AChildGoesMissing_Child_Flyer Whatifyourchildgoesmissing_Child_Flyer Whathappensifyourchilddials911_Teen_Flyer

Social Media Graphics

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Teen Safety_Graphic A Child Goes Missing_Graphic SchoolSafetyTip_3

SchoolSafetyTip_2 SchoolSafetyTip_1 SchoolSafetyTip_4

AbductedChildren_Graphic TakeOver2Hours_Graphic First 3 Hours_Graphic

Missing Child Infographic