Advocacy Group Outreach Materials

Advocacy Group Outreach Materials

Advocacy or non-profit organizations are a great partner to increase awareness about Smart911. These groups often serve targeted communities of individuals who have special medical needs or specific concerns when it comes to emergency response. They have direct communication channels and are a trusted source.

And now with the addition of Smart911Facility, if these locations have a permanent office or meeting space, they can be provided with an additional level of protection for their facilities, students and staff in the event of any emergency.

Reach out to the advocacy groups in your community

Advocacy groups work with people who have concerns about emergencies because of medical issues and are likely to take action and create a Safety Profile. Common groups include disability commissions, Autism association, deaf and hard of hearing group or epilepsy foundations.

  1. Ask these contacts to let their community members know about and encourage them to create a safety profile to provide medical information and rescue notes to responders in the event of an emergency
    • Post information on their social media channels
    • Include information in newsletters or emails
    • Provide and overview or presentation during a meeting
    • Include information or host a booth during events or fundraisers
  2. Issue a press release to your local media stations reminding citizens about Smart911 and how important medical information is during an emergency


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Smart911 Flyer_Post It_FoodAllergy Allergy_Insect


Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Alzheimer's Smart911_Portrait_Alzheimer's


Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Autism Smart911_Ribbon_Autism Smart911_Ribbon_Autism2

Smart911 Flyer_Portrait_Autism2 Smart911 Flyer_Portrait_Autism3 Smart911 Flyer_Portrait_Autism

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Deaf Smart911_Portrait_Deaf Smart911_Ribbon_Deaf


Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Diabetes Smart911_Portrait_Diabetes


Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Epilepsy Smart911_Portrait_Epilepsy

Heart Condition

Smart911 Flyer_Post It_Heart Smart911_Portrait_Heart

Intellectual Disabilities

Smart911_Ribbon_IntellectualDisability Smart911_Portrait_IntellectualDisability2 Smart911_Portrait_IntellectualDisability