State and Local Community Safety

We proudly advocate for the Rave Platform
because it results in a faster and more efficient
response that has saved lives in our community.
Leah Hornacek
Deputy Director
Grand Traverse Central Dispatch

Community Safety Platform: Where Personal Safety And The Fastest Emergency Alert System Come Together

community alerts
  • Community Engagement: Easily connects residents and law enforcement
  • Fast Response: Faster and more accurate emergency alert delivery
  • Individual Safety: Safety profiles boost 9-1-1 awareness and personal safety
  • First Responder Safety: Real-time incident data improves situational awareness

10 % of All 9-1-1 Calls

processed by Rave

400 Million

messages sent in 2016

3,100 Communities

across all 50 states trust Rave

emergency response

State and Local Emergency Alert System

  • The fast and easy-to-use community safety platform interface speeds up emergency alert delivery time
  • Reach entire community population in minutes through voice calls, emails, texts and mobile apps
  • The community safety platform’s unlimited grouping capability creates a powerful internal and external emergency communication network
  • Special Needs Registry connects law enforcement and emergency responders with those in need and supports state and local compliance
community alerts

Coordinated, Prepared Emergency Response

  • One button calling functionality initiates rapid incident response and reduces time to resolution
  • Emergency button activation instantly alerts those closest to the incident for a faster and more efficient response
  • Immediately provides 9-1-1 and first responders with facility data such as the layout and access points to enable a better and safer response
emergency alert

Additional 9-1-1 Data for
Faster, Better Response

  • Helps protect first responders with improved situational awareness
  • Leverages mobile technology to save lives and reduce unnecessary dispatches
  • Provides consolidated real-time map view of call traffic and supporting data

The Results

  • Improved community engagement and awareness
  • Greater resident and first responder safety
  • Enhanced emergency response for schools, public buildings, and businesses

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