‘Smart911’ System Unveiled in Culver City


Local leaders hope this new technology will lead to faster response times and more lives saved.

Culver City is the first location in California to use “Smart911” techology – a new system that allows residents to give authorities a “safety profile” that displays information to 911 operators in emergency situations.

Creating a safety profile allows operators to see information that helps them to send “the right emergency response teams to the right location with the right information,” said Culver City Police Lt. Ron Iizuka.

“Fire crews can be aware of such things like how many people live at a home and the location of the bedrooms. Paramedics can know about a specific condition for fast, precise medical treatment. And because profiles can contain photos, in the event of a missing child, police can gain an advantage,” said Iizuka.

Another benefit of the technology is that people who call 911 and can’t speak can still relay detailed information through their profile, said Tom Axbey of Rave Mobile Safety.

Smart911 was introduced less than two years ago by the company Rave Mobile Safety, and is now available in 28 states.


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