Smart911 Saves Lives & Aids First Responders In Nashville


Important details in an emergency could be the difference between life and death.

The Smart911 program allows you to give emergency officials personal details about your family ahead of time. When a 911 call comes in, those details are often hurried in the introduction.

But what if the dispatcher and responding crews could instantly see things like pictures, prescriptions, medical histories and allergies?

“It’s everything you want to put in that you think a responder might need in an emergency. You can put in there what you want,” said Duane Phillips, director of the Nashville Emergency Communications Center.

For police officers, it can be a picture of a missing child before they even get to the address. For an EMT, it can be a blood type, a heart condition or a life-threatening allergy. For a firefighter, it can be locations of cutoff valves or the layout of the house.

“When I started answering the questions on Smart 911, I noticed there were a lot of things I never would’ve thought about, like where are the bedrooms in your house,” said Smart 911 user Lindsay Ferrier. “In a fire, a firefighter might not know to look in the bonus room for a child. But if they have the information ahead of time, that’s where they’re going to go.”

It can even save your life out of town.

“If you had this profile, and you’re traveling through Atlanta and you had an emergency, they will get the same information. If you’re traveling in Memphis, they would not because they don’t have the program yet,” Phillips said.

The program is free to participate in. For more information, visit:

WSMV NBC News (5-14-14)

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