Smart911 is Now Available in Bartlesville, OK


Public Safety Officials In The City Of Bartlesville Have Adopted A New Service Which Aims To Increase Their Efficiency When A Citizen Dials 9-1-1.

Crews in the city will get access to information quicker and will be able to respond faster.

“It’s that step that’s trying to put us closer, and get us there as fast as we can and get there with as much information as possible,” said Lt. Kevin Ickleberry with Bartlesville police.

It’s called Smart 911 and the amount of information you provide is up to you. On the site you can type out medical information, household information, and children’s names and even upload a photo of yourself to help emergency crews when they arrive at the scene.

“Basically what Smart 911 gives to the citizen is the insurance that we have all the information we need to get to their house,” said Ickleberry.

And if you find yourself in a situation where it puts you in danger to talk on the phone, you can now text.

“The next generation of 911 is about texting. So once the citizen calls 911 they can begin a text conversation. If you’re in a situation where you want to be quiet and not let the offender hear you, you can use this tool to communicate,” said Ickleberry.

FOX23 was told the projected cost to the Bartlesville Police Department is $11,000 for the year. It’s something they put aside the funds to pay.

“We budgeted funds for this because we feel it’s an asset to our citizens and if we can save one life than it’s well worth it,” said Icklberry.

FOX23 was told 32 states are using this program, so if you were to travel or go on vacation they will have your information instantly in case of an emergency.


Source:  KOKI Fox News

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