Smart911 Makes Debut in Northern New Mexico

FARMINGTON, N.M. — Moments after dialing 911 first responders in San Juan County can now access critical information about the person in distress.

“Smart911 is a product we have just implemented,” said David Ripley, director of the San Juan County Communications Authority.

Right now, county dispatchers take in 56,000 emergency calls a year, calls that in the past could only be tracked by their phone numbers and GPS coordinates, which were not always accurate.

Now anyone in the county can log onto and create a profile. The profile contains vital information that first responders say will help them better locate and assist a person during an emergency.

“You go to a house and you don’t know which driveway to go in [or] the layout of the house. Now you will,” Capt. Brice Current said.

Firefighters and police will get those instructions, via Smart911, moments after a person calls for help. The program includes information like the exact address from where the person is calling, the number of people who live in the home, and the layout of the house. The website also allows you to add details about your health including what medications you take, or if you have a disability.

The program is first of its kind in New Mexico. It costs the county $45,000 per year, but the information is priceless.

“When we’re in the business of saving lives, seconds count,” Ripley said.


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