Smart911 is Now Available in Alachua County


ALACHUA COUNTY, FLORIDA — Alachua County’s new Smart 911 service is giving people the option to plan ahead – in case of an emergency. GTN’s Briana Harper joins us live with more on how safety profiles can save lives in seconds.

Alachua County now joins 10 other Florida counties that currently use the Smart 911 service.  This new technology assigns important information to registered 911 callers helping first responders respond more quickly and more aware.

The Alachua County Communications Center is the central source where the area’s emergency 911 calls are received. Now with the new Smart 911 service– important caller information can automatically be attached to these calls.  It’s all done through a safety profile that includes info about the caller and the household.

“Instead of relaying that by voice over the phone that information you can put in that safety profile is presented here in the 911 center.”  An improved step that can save seconds and save lives in a crisis–and just as important all your information will remain protected.

“It’s safe, secure we can not search it– it’s only available when you present it to us.”  Residents are able to register land line numbers as well as cell phones through this free service. And the information given can be edited at any time.

“It’s just got win-win written all over it, and I’m just enthused and the product and it definitely came from a need and identifying a need for an alert system for college and university students, grew to the deaf population and now it’s rolling out to the general population.”
Emergency responders say the Smart 911 service can be useful for dementia patients, identifying child abductions, and simply helping those flustered in an emergency.

“Looking at the product and seeing the benefits from it– it’s substantial. I think it is a leap forward in 9-1-1 services.”

Smart 911 operators say the goal is to have the entire country using the service so information can be accessed in any emergency nationwide.

For more information on how you can create your very own safety profile — visit GTN’s Facebook page.

Live in the newsroom, Briana Harper, GTN News.

(WGFL – CBS News Reports)

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