Smart911 Comes to Cedar Park


CEDAR PARK — A revolutionary way to help keep your family safe in an emergency is coming to Cedar Park.

It’s called Smart 911, and the city is the first in Central Texas to have the program.

The program’s slogan is ‘Take seconds now, save seconds later.’

It’s free and easy. The Cedar Park Police Department said it’s the latest evolution in the way they protect this community.

Cedar Park residents go online and set up a profile containing info about their medical needs, house, cars, phone numbers, emergency contacts and pets.

When that person calls 911, the operator will know everything about them — instantly.

The city’s police chief said the program is especially useful because nowadays up to 80 percent of the 911 calls here in Cedar Park come from cell phones.

At Tuesday morning’s press conference, Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix was asked about the safety and privacy of this information at a time when hacking is becoming more prevalent.

He said there’s always a threat, but he hasn’t heard of anyone hacking this system. He has heard, however, of several instances where first responders had this info and was able to save a life.

The program is active right now. If you live in Cedar Park you can sign up at smart





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