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Mobile App Immediately Connect Schools and Corporate Campuses to 9-1-1, Police, and First Responders

With one touch, the Rave Panic Button app dramatically increases safety by reducing emergency response time for 9-1-1, campus personnel, and first responders.

  • On-campus people are instantly alerted — in seconds — immediately initiating lockdown or other appropriate procedures.
  • 9-1-1 automatically knows who is calling and from where — and receives additional data with the incoming call.

Rave Panic Button -- More than an Alarm

  • Connects directly by voice to 9-1-1.
  • Instantly alerts all on-site personnel – accelerating emergency protocols.
  • Immediately provides 9-1-1 with campus layout and other details, which is shared with first responders.
  • Opens real-time communications among campus personnel, 9-1-1, and first responders.

Positive School Safety Emergency Response Impact

  • On-site resources aware of incident: more than 90% improvement – notification is under 10 seconds.
  • Personnel on site aware and responders engaged: immediate action – reduced load on 9-1-1. Responders en route:
  • 20-95% improvement based on designated responders.
  • Responders on site: 10-95% improvement based on responder location.
  • Situational assessment/engagement: Responders enter scene with knowledge of building and caller location
  • Recovery phase: Recovery starts earlier and ends faster.

“Rave Panic Button provides a critical link between the communications center, school resource officers, school administrators and responders. It will save time in our response, give us better situational awareness – and with the availability of such information as caller location, floor plans, exit details and more – it will enable us to act more precisely and effectively when we are on scene.”

Chief Tom O’Loughlin, Chief of Police, Milford, Massachusetts