Rave Alert Demo

Emergency Notification That Works.
From Anywhere. To Anywhere.

How fast and how well you communicate with your campus during an emergency can be the difference between life and death. Your margin of error is slim. Seconds count.

That’s why over thousands of institutions — colleges and universities, state and local governments, and enterprises — depend on Rave Alert as their Emergency Notification System.

Rave Alert works on mobile devices

Rave Alert lets you communicate with and alert your entire campus in minutes. Using all available message methods – mobile phones, landlines, email, text, social media, IPAWS-OPEN, and more — Rave Alert ensures maximum coverage.

Because emergencies are not neat and orderly we developed SnapSend™, an easy to use alert send flow that breaks new ground in usability and gives users the simplest, most bulletproof alert send operation available.

Reliable Emergency Management

Rave’s public safety grade infrastructure and experience delivering millions of alerts daily, gives you assurance that your emergency communications will be delivered in all situations — providing robust support for your emergency management effort

Rave Alert’s opt-in/opt-out flexibility coupled with dynamic data management that ensures your alerts and other communications get to the right person at the right time.

Students and Other Users

If you are a user  of the Rave Alert Emergency Notification system, please contact your local campus safety office for any inquiries.

Simply fill out the form on the right  to schedule a one to one demo of Rave Alert Emergency Notification System.