Safety When Traveling- What You Should Think About


Working with Smart911, I always seem to have safety on the brain, whether at work or at home I now look at everyday items or tasks with a new awareness. So it’s no surprise that on a recent vacation I was suddenly very aware of safety precautions I hadn’t thought of before. 

When travelling in the US, things seemed pretty simple, my Smart911 Safety Profile was always up to date, I carried my medical cards on me and was always aware of where I was and where I was going.  But recently when I traveled out of the country, I realized there are some other items I needed to be aware of- so here are some things I learned that I think will be helpful to you when travelling outside the U.S.

travel11)      Look up medical facilities before you leave.   Depending on your location there may not be a hospital in close distance, so be aware of any other medical centers and find out if your hotel or resort has medical staff on site

2)      Learn the local emergency number.  9-1-1 doesn’t mean help in every country, so find out what to dial where you will be visiting, and if your cell phone will work in that area. 

3)      Be aware of the risks.   The environment may be very different than what you are used to and that can create risks.  Things to think of:

  • Heat stroke or dehydration in warm climates – your body may not be used to sun or heat and you may need to compensate with water intake, or added electrolytes
  • Local bugs or insects that bite or sting – you may be used to mosquitoes or black flies, but even the smallest bug bite travel2can react strongly in your system if you are not used to it
  • Local drinking water – it may be purified but the levels in the water could be a shock to your system- consider drinking bottled water instead of tap
  • Changes in cuisine and food sources – Having seafood fresh from the ocean may be delicious, but if you never have seafood at home your body may not react well

4)      Bring Medicine.   Just the basics will do- but be prepared.  Aspirin, antacids, cold or sinus pills. Even on a tropical island travel3you can still catch a cold, and you don’t want to skip your tour of the coast because you have the sniffles.  If you’ll be traveling by plane it’s also a good idea to disinfect- use hand sanitizer and consider wiping down plane seats and armrests with disinfecting wipes.

Every location is different, but take the time before you leave home to run through these “what-ifs” to prevent an “oh no!” situation.  





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