Rave Prepare

Rave Prepare

Web-based, Citizen-Provided Vulnerable Needs Registry

This leading vulnerable needs registry proven to help emergency managers understand the individual needs in their community and enable faster communication during a disaster.

Automatically validates data to keep information up to date and prevents it from ever going stale
Collect citizen provided registry data online for easy analysis, planning, and emergency response
Give access to unlimited administrators across agencies to send the right actionable message to each individual based on their need or location

Vulnerable Needs Registry

Accurate, Citizen-Provided Data on Interactive Maps

With Rave Prepare, residents submit medical information and access or functional needs through an online portal for emergency planning, response, and recovery. During a disaster, emergency managers easily identify residents in need of assistance, communicate with them, and assign resources to send help.

The interactive web-based map interface allows emergency managers to create queries by demographics or location to single out any group or segment in need of assistance. Rave Prepare enables you to plan ahead and proactively respond to disasters and other emergencies including:

Power Outages

Rapidly identify and locate individuals who have critical medical dependencies on electricity, such as ventilators, kidney dialysis, or medications requiring refrigeration.


Locate those individuals who require assistance due to mobility limitations or transportation challenges and plan for any necessary transportation resources.

Transportation Interruptions

Determine which residents have critical needs such as kidney dialysis, home healthcare, and in-home oxygen requirements that will go unmet during a sustained transportation disruption.

Shelter Resource Planning

Obtain important information such as language spoken in advance of a disaster to provide resources the community will need during an incident requiring emergency sheltering.

“Rave’s database and interactive maps help our dispatchers easily and rapidly identify, communicate, and proactively assist those who most need our help.”

Automatically Validated Online Database

24/7 Access to Individual Provided Registry Data

Collecting, updating, and managing registry information is expensive, time-consuming, and resource intensive. Consequently, paper and even online vulnerable needs registry information is often inaccurate, outdated, and rarely utilized.

With Rave Prepare, information is provided and kept current by your residents. Because Rave Prepare leverages Smart911, a national database providing additional data for 9-1-1, individuals can use one online portal to provide Smart911 information and opt-in to provide additional information to emergency managers. Because the database is national in scope, it facilitates interoperability on the local, regional, and national levels.

Residents provide any information they wish to share during emergency planning, response, and recovery efforts. Emergency managers can customize and add questions, categories, or other data input fields to collect specific information for their jurisdiction.

Information is stored in secure data centers where emergency managers can access it for better emergency planning and response. The information can be easily exported for use by other systems such as mass notifications or for tasks in incident management tools such as WebEOC.

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Targeted Two-Way Communications

Send Alerts Based on Needs and Location

Leverage Rave Prepare to send targeted alerts based on needs and location. When an emergency event occurs, you can utilize interactive maps to target your audience by geography and special need.

Send the right actionable message to each individual rather than a broadcast notification. For example, you could send a poll question by text, email, and voice to your at-risk segment to determine their need and ask for a response.

Create and save interactive map- based queries that identify at-risk geographies or populations.
Use real time data for resource planning and pre-emergency exercises.
Deliver the right message to the right person using their preferred communication method.
Collect poll responses to alerts to adjust your on-going incident management.

Benefits of Rave Prepare

Data Privacy and Security

Rave Prepare provides key features to ensure data privacy and protect agencies collecting personal data as part of a vulnerable needs registry. All data is stored in top tier, geo-redundant hosting facilities, with the same encryption and security utilized by leading financial institutions and federal agencies.

Additionally, all registered users accept terms and conditions covering liability for agencies utilizing the data. All access to the data is logged providing a complete audit trail on data use and access by agency administrators.

Unlimited Administrators

With unlimited administrators, all departments can leverage internal and external notifications for shift call outs, office closings, weather notifications and more.

You can customize Rave Alert interfaces for different administrators limiting tools and options based on their needs. This flexibility allows each department to access the system in the way best suited to them.

With unlimited text, voice and email messaging, you can easily segment into unlimited groups — department, location, or any criteria you choose — for routine communications.

Robust Reporting Dashboard

Information is stored in secure geo-redundant data centers where you can access it anytime for analysis, planning, and emergencies.

The powerful reporting tool gives emergency managers at the local, regional, and national level easy, anytime web-based access to reporting data and analytics to drive planning and resource allocation decisions.

Certifications & Awards


SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security

GSN 2016 Homeland Security Awards – Finalist

2017 Finalist for DRI International Awards of Excellence