Rave Prepare

Rave's database and interactive maps
help our dispatchers easily and rapidly
identify, communicate, and proactively
assist those who most need our help.
Thomas M. Valdez
Deputy Director

Rave Prepare

Rave Prepare is the leading emergency preparedness registry proven to help emergency managers understand the individual needs in their community and enable faster communication during a crisis.

Emergency Preparedness Registry

Accurate, Citizen-Provided Data on Interactive Maps

Showing data on interactive maps lets emergency managers easily identify residents with medical, access or functional needs, and quickly assess potential impact allocate resources as needed.

With Rave Prepare’s maps and queries, emergency managers can rapidly identify and alert any group or segment of a community.


Smart911 critical data 911 prepare

Collaborative National Database

24/7 Access to Individual Provided Registry Data

Because Rave Prepare leverages Smart911, a national emergency preparedness registry providing additional data for 9-1-1, individuals can create a Safety Profile for their household, then opt to make their information available to 9-1-1 and emergency managers.  Safety Profiles can include any information individuals wish to share during emergency planning, response, and recovery.

Information is stored in secure data centers where emergency managers can access it for better emergency planning and response.

mass notification

Targeted Communication

Send Alerts Based on Needs and Location

When an emergency event occurs, leverage interactive maps to target your audience by geography and special need.

Send the right actionable message to each individual – not just a broadcast notification. For example, you could send an inquiry by text and voice to your at-risk segment to determine their need and ask for a response.

Rave Prepare manages responses through two way messaging, allowing emergency managers to triage and focus resources where they will have the most impact, either prior to or post incident.

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