Rave Panic Button Case Study: Milford, MA

CaseStudy_PanicButtonThe Rave Panic Button app was implemented by the town of Milford, Mass., in 2014. Based on “Smart911” technology, it routes cellular calls to the Milford Police Department while also instantly delivering critical information that can be used to facilitate a faster, more effective response.

“We did some testing in the buildings to verify cellphone coverage,” Police Chief Tom O’Loughlin says. “Some communities are using panic buttons that connect to a security alarm system, but they can be susceptible to abuse if they’re fixed-mounted, and if they’re on a fob that people carry with them, they can be misplaced or lost. Consider the cost for having an electrician wire an entire school system, and it can become prohibitive. With this, costs are minimal and the calls go directly to 911.”