Rave Alert Emergency Notification Benefits

Branded opt-in portal – Students, faculty, and staff can opt-in to your emergency alert system with preferences you define.

Integrate with existing lists from SIS systems and other directories.

Define message targets – Geographically target alert recipients, referencing citizen opt-in data or pre-loaded contact information.

Internal group/list management notifications – Separate your management and operations into distinct notification groups.

Automated conference bridge calling – Quickly assemble your team with a one click message for the quickest emergency response possible.

Pre-emergency planning – Identify and create at-risk groups
and individuals.

Helpful alert templates and best practice documents assist with communications and emergency response planning.

Unlimited preset templates – Tailored for specific emergency types.

SnapSend – Send pre-configured emergency alerts with a simple three-click process.

Delivery rates – Industry leading capacity ensures your entire population is notified in minutes, no matter how big or small.

Send from anywhere – Cloud-based technology lets you send emergency alerts from internet connected devices.

Reporting – We provide a robust suite of reporting tools. Detailed “by recipient” reports show date/time, delivery methods, destination phone number and email, success/failure, calls connected, unconnected, busy, or operator intercepts.

Messaging Components and Options

2-way SMS – Send and receive text messages.

2-Way Voice – Includes: custom caller ID, dynamic central office throttling, and TTS. Configurable voice message delivery profiles include customized caller-ID message playback, answering machine detection, multiple retry rules, and touch-tone emergency response options.

Simple integration to Facebook, Twitter, websites, digital signage.

Multi-language – Autotranslate in 34 languages.

CAP support – Trigger other systems via outbound Common Alerting Protocal (digital signage, sirens, websites, etc.) Automatically trigger broadcast emergency alerts to all, or subsets, of campus (e.g. National Weather System, or alarms).

IPAWS-OPEN for WEA/EAS initiated notifications – Lets you access the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), a modernization and integration of the nation’s alert and warning infrastructure.

Premium SMS Messaging for Rave Alert - Industry leading SMS delivery across multiple direct binds and short codes at thousands of messages per second

Platform & Infrastructure

Availability – Backed by geo-redundant data centers, ouremergency notification system ensures high performance and unmatched availability.

Redundancy/Failover – Direct connections to multiple wireless carriers, carrier networks, and Tier1 SMPP aggregators keeps messages moving in every stress scenario.

Access control – Granular system access control through role-based permissions. Extensive customizable admin functions for support of large diverse administration teams.

Security – Our data centers are SAS70/SSAE 16 compliant and complete regular 3rd party security audits.

Easy setup and maintenance – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS); hosted, branded, web-based solution requires no on-site installation or maintenance of your emergency alert system, and is rapidly deployed and configured to your specifications.

Advanced data management – Rave’s Smart Loader and user management APIs provide you with sophisticated integration options to keep data in sync across campus systems.

Integrates with award winning SmartPrepare and Smart911 solutions.