Rave Alert Enhances Safety on Pittsburg State University Campus


fourstates homepagePITTSBURG, KS.— Shots fired were reported at Oklahoma University earlier today. No one was hurt, but how would local universities handle the same situation? Pittsburg State University has a number of high tech ways to get a hold of students in a moment’s notice. The main goal in any emergency is to get the information out as quickly as possible. An emergency situation can happen at any time, anywhere. At Pitt State, one student says he would feel safe if an emergency arose.

“I know we have great campus police, and we have the emergency towers. So I know if I ever see myself in a situation, I can get help pretty fast,” said Djuan Thomas, PSU Junior.

PSU upgraded its emergency notification system last year. The new system, called “Rave,” sends alerts to students and faculty in multiple ways.

“E-mail, text alerts, has an outdoor voice notification system that’s campus wide. Also, it includes a desktop computer alert system that will actually put an alert on a computer desktop,” said Mike McCracken, PSU Director of Police.

An emergency that affects the campus also affects the entire community.

“The best way for them to follow any kind of an emergency would be through our website, or they can follow our social media venues to get information that way,” said McCracken.

The goal of the emergency notification system is simple, get information out as quickly as possible.

“For your personal safety, you want to know if there is a threat near you as well. But also, if you are not near that threat, you can also let your friends know, ‘hey, don’t go to that side of campus,” said Thomas.

To any students who may be wondering how they can get the campus alerts in case of an emergency, you were automatically added in the system when you enrolled at the school.

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