Rave 911 Suite Product Update

Rave 911 Suite Product Update

Improved Caller Location Information

Rave has partnered with RapidSOS to provide improved e911 location tracking information within the Rave 911 Suite for no additional charge to existing Rave customers.

Please read the FAQs below to learn more about this feature and how to enable it in your PSAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rave Mobile Safety partnering with RapidSOS?

Rave is partnering with RapidSOS to provide more precise 911 location and additional data for 9-1-1 callers. This information will supplement the ALI information already displayed in the Rave 911 Suite.

How much does this cost?

There is no additional charge to take advantage of this new data source. All you have to do is execute a brief, no-cost amendment to your existing contract so we may enable this feature.

What phones does this work on?

Modern smartphones like Android and iOS devices have location technology that far exceeds what’s currently available to 9-1-1 through the ALI database. When a caller dials the digits 9-1-1, an emergency location service on the phone wakes up and sends the precise location to the NG911 Clearinghouse. To activate this feature today for testing purposes, you can download the SOS Beacon App. In the future, no app will be required since at least the Android Operating system has this capability built in natively.

Will this work if the caller has Location Services turned off on their phone?

For Emergency Location Services that are part of the Operating System like in Android, Location Services will be automatically switched on when an emergency call is made, and deactivated after the call has been completed. For devices that are activated using a smartphone app like SOS Beacon, we rely on the user to enable Location Services.

Will the community need to install an app?

No, community members do not need to take any action at this time. Once emergency location services are supported on their phone, the data will come through automatically when they call 9-1-1 through their phone’s native dialer. We recommend that PSAP personnel install the SOS Beacon app for testing and demonstration purposes so that you can familiarize yourself with the functionality ahead of a widespread deployment.

Is a Smart911 or Rave Facility profile required?

No, Smart911 and Rave Facility profiles are not necessary. Community members do not need to sign up for any kind of profile or account.

How many calls will include RapidSOS location?

RapidSOS is completing the activities necessary to deliver accurate location for a portion smartphone-initiated 9-1-1 calls. By enabling Enhanced Location through the Rave911 suite now, your PSAP will be ready to receive this enhanced location information from the moment it becomes available.


What if a 9-1-1 call has no RapidSOS data?

You will still be presented with ALI location and any other Rave-sourced location information available. The RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse location displayed by the Rave 911 Suite does not impact the data you currently get – it augments it.

How does this impact my protocols?

It doesn’t. Just like with any data from Rave, if you can have the caller confirm their exact location or other incident details, you should continue to do so.

How does this work indoors?

Like Google Maps on your smartphone, the RapidSOS-sourced location uses device-based hybrid location services that rely on a multitude of sensors, including WiFi Access Point fingerprinting, Pedestrian Dead Reckoning, Bluetooth Beacons, and many more, in addition to traditional mechanisms like GPS and cell tower triangulation. Therefore, RapidSOS locations are significantly more accurate than the ALI, especially in indoor environments. Mobile phone operating system providers are working aggressively to enhance their indoor location accuracy – as these improvements come on line, improved data will automatically become available to 9-1-1.

My CAD vendor also mentioned a partnership with RapidSOS – how is this different?

Receiving RapidSOS-sourced location information through Rave costs you nothing and requires no software upgrades.

I’m interested. What do I do?

Click here to start the process to enable this feature in your PSAP.

How do I get support for issues or questions related to RapidSOS location information provided through the Rave 911 Suite?

Please follow the normal Rave Support process by emailing techsupport@ravemobilesafety.com for help.

I’m all set up. How can I confirm that the integration is working?

RapidSOS has developed an app to facilitate testing. This app is for testing purposes only! Do not instruct your community to use the app. RapidSOS is working with its partners to deliver precise location data without an app.

Please download the directions to test the integration.