Smart911 Service Area Expands Across Tennessee


Six Locations Now Part of the Rapidly Growing National Service for Enhancing Emergency Response

More than one million citizens across six counties in Tennessee now have access to Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart911, the national safety database, for enhanced emergency response. Wayne, Bedford, and Maury Counties are the latest to join Nashville-Davidson County, Crockett County and the City of Brentwood in providing the service to their citizens.

Public Safety officials in these locations recognized the benefit of having additional data on 9-1-1 calls and are encouraging citizens to create a Safety Profile for their household at A Safety Profile can include the critical data that a citizen wants first responders to have in the event of an emergency call for service. Once created, when a citizen places a 9-1-1 call, their profile is automatically displayed at the answering PSAP, enabling emergency teams to better understand the situation and respond to the right location, with the right personnel and the right equipment.

“We’ve seen the success of Smart911 and the positive response from citizens in other areas of the state and country, so the decision to implement the service was easy,” said Freddie Rich, Director of Maury County 9-1-1. “In addition to allowing our call takers to better assist citizens, a Safety Profile also gives response teams in the field improved situational awareness.”

Each Safety Profile is private, secure and only available to dispatchers during an emergency call. It can include home or work addresses associated with mobile phone numbers, medical conditions and disabilities, photos of family members, floor-plans and other rescue information. Smart911 is a national network, therefore, anytime a citizen dials 9-1-1 across the country and their call is answered by a local Smart911 supported PSAP, their profile will be available.

“It’s a great benefit to know that our citizens can now be protected not only in the areas that our agency responds to, but in many other locations in Tennessee and across the U.S.,” said Phillip Noel, Director of Bedford County E911.

Duane Phillips, Director of Nashville Emergency Communications Center agreed: “The population in Nashville increases from 650,000 to over one million with commuters coming into the city for work.  Each of these citizens can benefit from a Safety Profile as it travels with them from their home to their office – it has already saved lives in Tennessee.”

“Tennessee continues to set an example for public safety agencies by helping their responders provide their citizens with the best emergency services possible,” said Tom Axbey, President and CEO of Rave Mobile Safety. “Putting more information in the hands of emergency responders dramatically improves emergency outcomes and saves lives. While we are pleased with our growth, this is a public/private partnership, and public safety officials and advocacy groups deserve credit for overwhelmingly supporting this effort and continually striving to ensure that those they serve receive the greatest possible protection.”

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