Smart911 Provides Vital Medical Details to Respond to Local Man


Dispatcher is Honored with SmartSave Award After She Uses Smart911 to Relay  Vital Medical Details as EMS Responded to Man in Distress

Dominique Smart911 Award

(l-r, Dominique Bonvillain,  Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office and Lt. Aaron Hebert, Terrebonne Parish Communications District Board Vice-Chairman)

 On the morning of February 26, Dominique Bonvillain was working a regular shift at the Terrebonne Parish Communications District when she received an urgent call for help. A panicked female was on the other end of the line, desperately seeking help for her male roommate, who was unconscious but breathing.  The woman, who had called 9-1-1 from her roommate’s mobile phone, was unaware of his medical history, but pleaded for Bonvillain to send help fast.  Coming to their aid was the man’s Smart911 Safety Profile, which he had created and tied to his mobile phone, and had displayed on Bonvillain’s dispatch screen when she answered the call. 

 “It’s not unusual for us to have to begin a call by calming someone down enough so they can tell us where they are and what their emergency is,” stated Dominique, a dispatcher for 18 years.  “The fact that this woman called 9-1-1 from her roommate’s cell phone, and he had provided us with the information we needed ahead of time could very well have saved his life.”

Bonvillain scanned through the Safety Profile as she dispatched responders from Acadian Ambulance Service.  She was able to locate medical notes stating that the patient in need had diabetes, and upon arrival the EMS crew was able to begin their assessment by checking his blood sugar level.  His levels were low, the cause of the emergency and responders were able to treat him and transport him to the local hospital, where he made a full recovery.

“In a medical emergency, every second can be the difference between life and death,” said Mark Boudreaux, Director of Terrebonne Parish 911. “The fact that the EMS crew knew where to start with their assessment of the patient puts them steps ahead of where they would have been otherwise.   I commend this citizen for taking the time to sign up for Smart911, it had an immense impact on the response we were able to provide to him.”

Bonvillain is now being honored for her efforts with a SmartSave Award from Smart911.  The award recognizes and rewards call takers, dispatchers and emergency responders who are able to effectively use information in a Smart911 Safety Profile to positively affect the outcome of an emergency.

“Dominique did exactly what she needed to do, and that was use every tool at her disposal in order to quickly assess the situation and send help to the citizen in need,” said Gregory Hood Jr, Bonvillain’s supervisor that day.  “Smart911 is an invaluable tool in situations such as this, when we are searching for more information to ensure we are providing the best response possible.  I hope that all Terrebonne residents realize the value of this service and sign up for their own Safety Profile.”

Smart911 allows citizens to create a Safety Profile for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a citizen makes an emergency call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker, allowing them to send the right response teams to the right location with the right information. Responders can be aware of many details they would not have known previously with Smart911. For instance, fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of bedrooms, EMS can be advised of allergies or specific medical conditions, and police can have the photo of a missing child in seconds rather than hours.

Introduced nearly three years ago by Rave Mobile Safety, the most trusted software partner for campus and public safety, Smart911 has been adopted in 33 states and more than 450 municipalities. It has been credited with positively impacting emergency situations across the U.S., including a missing child case in Arkansas, victims of heart attack and Epilepsy in Nashville, a domestic disturbance in DuPage County (Ill.) and more.

Residents are encouraged to create their Safety Profile with Smart911 today to have their information immediately available to 9-1-1. Smart911 data is private and secure, is only used for emergency responses and available to the 9-1-1 system in the event of an emergency call.



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