Smart911 Now Available to City, County Residents


New Safety Initiative Saves Time, Saves Lives

Montgomery_911 center iconResidents of Montgomery can now sign up for a new safety initiative, Smart911, designed to enhance emergency response throughout the city and county. By signing up for Smart911, which is available free of charge, residents can customize the information 9-1-1 call centers have about them to enable faster and more effective emergency response by law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange and County Commission Chairman Elton Dean gathered today with city and county first responders at the city’s Emergency Communications Center to announce the new initiative and to demonstrate the benefits it offers to residents and emergency services alike.

“During an emergency, when you are least able to help yourself, we want to do everything possible to provide the help you need quickly and capably,” said Strange. “With Smart911, our first responders can do a better job of responding quickly and effectively.”

Smart911 allows residents to create a Safety Profile for their household at Residents may include any information they want 9-1-1 and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a resident makes an emergency call, his or her Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 call-taker, allowing dispatchers to send the right response teams to the right location with the right information. The information comprising the Safety Profile is private and secure, and it is seen only when the resident dials 9-1-1.

In addition, Smart911 creates an opportunity that previously did not exist for residents with disabilities or medical concerns who need to have their individual care details available to first responders.

A Safety Profile can include information on family members, photos, medical conditions, disabilities, an apartment number, mobility limitations, pets, or any other details that can help first responders do a better job of responding in case of emergency.

Dean said Smart911 provides responders with important details they would not know otherwise. “Now fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of the bedrooms, EMS can be advised about allergies or specific medical conditions, and police can have a photo of a missing child in seconds, rather than minutes or hours. The result is that first responders can do a better job of helping you in case of emergency.”

To create a safety profile free of charge, visit



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