Smart911 Awarded Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval


Community of Independent Parent Testers Bestow Honor on System that Helps 9-1-1 Provide Better Emergency Response to Families

Rave Mobile Safety announced today that Smart911 has been awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA™) Winner’s Seal of Approval. PTPA Media™ operates North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community and was rated the Most Trusted Seal by 22,000 parents. Consumers looking for high-quality products and services can be assured of excellence when they see the PTPA Winner’s Seal due to testing conducted by unbiased parents.

Smart911 was among many entries from across North America competing to earn the PTPA Seal. Independent parent volunteers evaluate products in their own homes to ensure that PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience – not on commercial considerations. As a result, the PTPA Media Seal has quickly gained recognition as an international leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value. In addition to parents trusting the recommendations of PTPA Media, the organization’s CEO and founder, Sharon Vinderine, has appeared on nearly 50 morning shows as a reliable resource for the media on the latest-and-greatest in family products.

Smart911 allows citizens to create free Safety Profiles through a secure website ( containing critical household data they want 9-1-1 to have during emergency calls. Details can include children’s photos, medical conditions, disabilities, home addresses of cellphone callers and other rescue-related information. Once created, when a citizen places a 9-1-1 call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to 9-1-1, enabling emergency teams to have a better understanding of the situation and respond to the right location, with the right personnel and the right equipment.

For example, through Smart911, Emergency Medical Services can know about medical conditions, allergies and disabilities, facilitating precise life-saving treatment. Fire crews will know not only how many residents are at a home, but locations of bedrooms, residents with special needs and even if there are pets on-premise. Police will have instant access to critical information which can dramatically improve their ability to respond and help citizens, including accurate location information and even photos of children in the event of a missing child scenario.

Smart911 Safety Profiles are private, secure and only available to dispatchers during an emergency call. Also, because it is a national system, once a Safety Profile has been created, data can be delivered with a 9-1-1 call in any area of the country if the local Public Safety Answering Point is supported by Smart911. Due to its ability to reduce tragic outcomes and save lives, Smart911 has grown rapidly since its introduction in 2010 and now helps emergency responders in dozens of states protect millions of citizens.

“We’ve been fortunate to receive many prestigious honors but are very proud to have earned a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award,” said Rave Mobile Safety, CEO Tom Axbey. “I cannot imagine a better group of evaluators than parents concerned with their family’s well-being. We appreciate their putting Smart911 to the test, the great feedback and thoughtful suggestions they provided, and are delighted to have earned their Seal of Approval.’”

“At PTPA Media, we are proud to play a role in certifying innovative products that families can trust,” says Sharon Vinderine, CEO and founder of PTPA Media Inc. “When consumers search for our Seal of Approval on product packaging and web sites, they are essentially searching for validation from their peers. Their peers will have objectively tested and approved these products based on their performance in a real life environment. That type of resource for families is priceless.”

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About PTPA Media Inc.
PTPA Media provides an objective framework for appraising and promoting new products designed to enrich family living. The company’s mission is to marry innovative companies with discerning consumers, to improve consumer access to quality products and services for their families and homes. For more information, please visit


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