Seattle Selects Rave Alert for Citywide Emergency Notifications


Powered by Rave Mobile Safety, "AlertSeattle" will keep all residents, businesses and city employees informed of critical emergency and community updates

Aug. 18, 2015  --  Rave Mobile Safety, the trusted partner for advanced emergency communications and response, today announced the city of Seattle, Washington has selected Rave Alert as its emergency mass notification system, after an exhaustive comparative vendor review. AlertSeattle now allows residents and city employees to receive important emergency and community updates, by email, text, voice call, and on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

AlertSeattle is powered by Rave Mobile Safety's Rave Alert Emergency Notification System. Rave Alert was selected because of its ease of use and its ability to uniquely meet the diverse communications requirements of a large metropolitan city.

"With AlertSeattle, we have a powerful and versatile tool to keep everyone informed of emergencies or disruptions that may affect them," said Barb Graff, director of Seattle's Office of Emergency Management. "We selected Rave because we felt they were the best team to help us achieve all of our objectives for Seattle alerting. Rave Alert integrated well into our existing infrastructure and they were very easy to work with on addressing our needs."

Seattle will be able to inform residents and businesses when there is significant risk to life or property with critical emergency updates, 24 hours a day, in multiple formats to ensure the broadest reach. To avoid "alert fatigue," other, less critical updates, such as severe weather, public health concerns, utility and transportation disruptions, special events and emergency preparedness, will be sentbetween 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Residents can easily manage exactly which kinds of alerts they would like to receive and in the manner they prefer, such as email, text/SMS message or phone call, or any combination of these, by registering at  Residents are able to control not only their notification preferences, but can also opt to provide critical information they wish to make available to responders in the event of a 9-1-1 call due to the tight integration between AlertSeattle and the county's Smart911 system.

In addition to keeping the general public informed, AlertSeattle will also be used for internal communications, providing notification to all city employees about emergency events and to rapidly mobilize first responders. Individual city departments can now manage their own departmental alert distributions and assign alerting authority to specific personnel.

"Rave is committed to providing municipalities of all sizes with the most advanced and effective communication and information sharing capabilities," said Tom Axbey, chief executive officer at Rave Mobile Safety. "AlertSeattle will allow the city of Seattle to much more efficiently communicate with residents and city personnel. By keeping as many people as informed as possible with important updates that directly affect them, this will immensely help the city as it deals with these situations. An informed public is in a much greater position to be a cooperative public, which is critical during emergency situations."

Rave Mobile Safety's Rave Alert Emergency Notification system lets educational institutions, enterprises, and state and local governments communicate with and alert entire populations in minutes. Rave Alert utilizes all available methods – mobile phones, landlines, email, SMS messages, IPAWS-OPEN – to quickly and easily deliver critical information. Built on Rave's public safety grade infrastructure, Rave Alert delivers millions of alerts daily to the right people, before, during and after emergencies


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