Rave Mobile Safety's Smart911 Connect Named 2013 APCO Hot Product


New Gateway into PSAPs Provides Supplemental, Critical Data to Support 9-1-1 Calls and Emergency Response

Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the trusted partner for campus and public safety, today announced that Smart911 Connect, a powerful new platform for delivering multiple data sources to 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), has been named a "2013 Hot Product" by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International and Public Safety Communications Magazine. The award recognizes notable and innovative new public safety products that support both 9-1-1 telecommunicators (call takers) and first responders.

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Using patented technology developed to deploy the acclaimed Smart911 public safety service, Smart911 Connect now makes it possible for new data sources to be presented to PSAP call takers' screens in an easy to use format. As a result, data from telematics service providers such as OnStar, as well as PBX data and third party apps and data, can now support 9-1-1 calls and facilitate emergency response.

The selection of Smart911 Connect as an APCO Hot Product marks the second time in recent years that Rave has received an honor from the organization and Public Safety Communications Magazine. Rave's Smart911, a solution that delivers additional 9-1-1 data for faster, more efficient response, was the recipient of the first-ever APCO People's Choice Award in 2011. APCO Hot Product award winners are selected by a panel of public safety communications professionals at the APCO International Conference.

"APCO's selection of Smart911 Connect as a '2013 Hot Product' is tremendously validating," said the CEO of Rave Mobile Safety, Tom Axbey. "Smart911 Connect is a significant step forward in our continuing effort to provide critical information to the 9-1-1 community. As technology advances, people expect our public safety institutions to keep pace. NextGen 9-1-1 is moving PSAPs in that direction and Smart911 Connect adds to that momentum."

Smart911 Connect delivers supplemental data based on ANI (Automatic Number Identification) or ALI (Automatic Location Identification) data associated with 9-1-1 calls. Data is delivered through Smartlets – activated as tabs on the Smart911 Connect viewer that can be implemented on any PSAP CAD or workstation. The PSAP viewer is in an "always-on" sate and can be minimized or expanded as needed. Critical, immediate data types, such as telematics crash data, automatically appear on a 9-1-1 call taker's screen. Other data sources can be accessed on an as needed, on-demand basis. Only those data sources active in a particular PSAP appear on the viewer - which creates clarity and decreases clutter – while enabling call takers to provide additional information that supports emergency response.

Smart911 Connect is included with all Smart911 deployments, or can be licensed stand-alone, and includes 24 x 7 support. For further information, visit or contact



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