Growing Number Of Alabama Municipalities Deploying Smart911, Providing First Responders With Advance Information To Save Time - And Lives


City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, Dallas County, and Limestone County Are Among Communities Rolling Out Smart911 Service

MONTGOMERY, Ala., June 17, 2014 -- AT&T* today announced a growing number of communities throughout the state of Alabama are in the process of deploying Smart911® from AT&T, a Rave Mobile Safety-enabled service that provides Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and first responders en route to emergency calls with critical information on residents in the address to which they have been dispatched, such as medical conditions, the presence of elderly people or people with handicaps who could require special attention.

Among the Alabama municipalities rolling out Smart911 are The City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, Dallas County, and Limestone County, AT&T said.

Residents of communities that deploy Smart911 are able to create private online safety profiles, free of charge, that emergency dispatchers can share with first responders en route to an emergency involving those residents, potentially saving precious moments when responders arrive.

"When emergency personnel have more information available to them prior to responding to a citizen's call for help, they are better prepared and can eliminate many unknown variables," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. "Readily available information is an extremely valuable resource and can enable responders to make better decisions more quickly when lives and property are at risk."

For more on Smart911, please visit:

Or to sign up for the service, go to: www.Smart911.comATT





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