Foxboro’s New Smart911 to Speed Help


sun chronicle logoFOXBORO — Foxboro residents will have the option of speedier help during medical or other “911” emergencies this fall.

The cops and paramedics don’t plan to drive faster. Instead, they can be better prepared with instant access to key medical facts or other information which the phone user chooses to input, in advance, into an upgraded 911 system.

“We’re trying to enhance our abilities when responding to their home,” Police Chief Edward O’Leary told selectmen.

O’Leary said the police department contracted to use the trademarked Smart911 phone system. Provided by a company called RAVE Mobile Safety, the system will allow dispatchers to give relevant individual information to personnel responding to 911 emergency calls.

A brochure he gave to the board says users can choose to store “the need for specialty resources, additional units, a hidden driveway or a known medical condition.”

It says the feature helps 911 dispatchers “resolve calls faster and easier, dispatch more effectively and save lives.”

The system works with cellphone and landline calls from phone numbers the owner has put into the system.

The information will appear on the dispatcher’s screen when a 911 call comes in from the designated phone number.

An emergency call placed from a cellphone outside of Foxboro will engage with any dispatch system in the vicinity that uses Smart911.

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