9-1-1 in Florida Gets “Smarter” as Five More Counties Join Smart911 Network


Citizens are Encouraged to Create a Safety Profile to Help 9-1-1 Provide Better Emergency Response

Citizens in Gilchrist, Lake, Levy, Taylor and Jackson counties can breathe a little easier today knowing that their local 9-1-1 and response agencies have a new tool to help them in the event of an emergency. These counties have joined the national Smart911 network which allows citizens to create a free online Safety Profile of the critical data on their household that they want 9-1-1 to have in the event of an emergency. Once created, when a citizen places a 9-1-1 call, their profile is automatically displayed to 9-1-1, enabling emergency teams to have a better understanding of the situation and respond to the right location, with the right personnel and the right equipment. Smart911 is already available in Dixie, Union, Hamilton, Lafayette and Collier counties where citizens have been proactively logging on to create their Safety Profile since early 2011.

“The more information that a citizen can provide to us in an emergency, the better,” said Emergency 9-1-1 Coordinator for Lake County, Greg Holcomb. “The time during an emergency is often very chaotic, and vital details can be advantageous when made available to the 9-1-1 telecommunicators. Smart911 allows citizens to proactively provide us with those details prior to an emergency.”

Each Safety Profile is private, secure and only available to dispatchers during an emergency call. It can include home or work addresses associated with mobile phone numbers, medical conditions and disabilities, photos of family members, floor-plans and other rescue information.

In times of extreme distress, it is beneficial for EMS to know about medical conditions, allergies and disabilities, or for Fire crews to know not only how many residents are at a home, but locations of bedrooms, residents with special needs and even if there are pets on-premise. If a child goes missing, police can also have instant access to their photograph and physical description.

“In an emergency, minutes can save lives. The information provided in a profile can help us save valuable time, and hopefully, save more lives,” stated Major Evan Sullivan of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office.

Smart911 is a national network. As a result, anytime a citizen dials 9-1-1 across the country and their call is answered by a local Smart911 supported center, their profile will be available. This brings additional peace of mind to the many Florida residents who travel to other destinations throughout the state or spend part of the year living in other areas of the country.

Smart911 is provided by Rave Mobile Safety, the trusted software partner for campus and public safety. The national network is the result of a public/private partnership that has been endorsed by leading public safety and health officials throughout the U.S., as well as advocacy groups, and now helps emergency responders across dozens of states to protect millions of citizens. In the past few weeks, the first statewide deployment of Smart911 was announced in Arkansas, with Washington, D.C. also launching the service.

“Florida continues to set an example in public safety by helping their responders provide their citizens with the best emergency services possible,” said Tom Axbey, president and CEO of Rave Mobile Safety. “Still, citizens need to do their part, and all it takes is just a few minutes to create a Safety Profile that will bring a new level of protection to themselves and their families.”

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