Owensboro Upgrades to Smart911 (KY)


The Owensboro-Davies County dispatch has upgraded its 9-1-1 system so that it can save lives in fractions of the time.

The new Smart911 system gives dispatchers more information on the person calling potentially saving rescuers valuable minutes.

Do you have pets? Do you have an autistic child? Are you on any medication? All of this information can be shared in advance with 9-1-1 operators and emergency teams through the Smart911 program.

‘Smart 911’ utilizes information like pre-existing medical conditions, emergency contacts and even vehicle types of the person who’s dialing 9-1-1.

Residents in the county fill out information online for free that they determine would be helpful to Central Dispatch in case of an emergency.

The information give responders more resources in how to best help someone in need.

The information is kept classified and cannot be accessed by central dispatch or the company who operates ‘Smart 911.” That info only comes up on a 9-1-1 telecommunication desk when the person dials 9-1-1.

‘Smart 911’ is free to the public and is already in major cities like Louisville, Lexington and Nashville.