Park encourages residents to sign up for Smart911


GROSSE POINTE PARK — Grosse Pointe Park is the latest Pointe to offer residents a chance to sign up for a new program that could save their lives.

More people than ever are abandoning landlines for cellphones, but that’s long posed a problem for anyone calling 911, because cellphones — unlike landlines — don’t automatically display the name and address of the caller. That’s why cities across the country are adopting Smart911. When people create a profile online with Smart911, if they make a call in a community — such as the Park — that offers Smart911, their name and other vital information will become immediately available so that emergency personnel can better locate and help the caller. Registration, and the service itself, are free.

Grosse Pointe Park and City Public Safety Director Stephen Poloni announced the Park’s participation in Smart911 during a July 10 Park City Council meeting. Registration, which is done online, is “open for our residents now,” he said.


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