Over half of workers say their workplace is prepped for non-fire emergencies


Dive Brief:

  • Employers are failing to plan and communicate to workers critical safety emergency protocols, according to a new survey of 537 respondents from Rave Mobile Safety. The software firm found that while 87% of employees know of their workplace's fire safety policy and undergo fire drills, only 57% say the workplace has preparedness drills in place for other incidents, including cyber breaches, shootings and hazardous waste disposal.
  • The survey also revealed discrepancies between younger and older workers' perception of their employers' safety preparedness. For example, 53% of millennials said their workplace had no emergency plan or that they weren't aware of it, compared with only 34% of respondents age 45 and older who agreed.
  • Nearly half of respondents age 45 and older said they would report a situation in which a coworker's safety or their own was in question, while only 8% of millennials said they would do the same. Most workers are notified of emergencies in-office via intercoms, the survey revealed, but most prefer a text when working remote.


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