City switching emergency notification services


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- On June 1st, the City of North Platte will switch from 'Code Red' to a new provider called 'Rave Alert'. Lieutenant Steve Reeves said the switch came down to three factors.

"Cost, granularity, the user can now pick how they get their notifications, and what notifications you want to receive," Lt. Reeves said.

A common complaint from subscribers was about getting an 'information overload'. Calls, texts and emails, all delivering the same warning that may not even affect where the person is living

"People would often call and say can't I just get a text message, but we didn't have the ability to adjust that," Lt. Reeves said.

Now, 'Rave Alert' will make it easier for you to be alerted when severe weather is near, or an emergency has occurred.

"With this product, you can pick and choose what notifications you want, and how you get them," Lt. Reeves said.

It also integrates with the departments' 'Smart 911' product, which is an online profile residents can fill out to help first responders going to the scene.


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