Wichita State University Debuts New App For Student Safety


WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita State University released an app they say will keep their students safer.

kakeThe app is called ‘Rave Guardian’ and is free to download on Apple and Android phones.

On the Wichita State University website, the police department says “no community can be totally crime-free in today's society, and unfortunately, criminal activity does not magically cease at the edge of campus.” The WSU campus police say the release of the app is a part of their ongoing commitment to student safety.

The Rave Guardian app can be used to report when a student does not make it home when they say they are going to be home, report tips and even contact campus police and 911.

KAKE News asked a group of Wichita State students about the app and who they think will use it.

“Online daters, they would benefit, especially if they don't want to tell their friends they are online dating,” said freshman Ian Gaza. Gaza said he will not download the app because he has no real use for it.

Krystal McMillian, also a freshman at Wichita State, says the feature that connects her to campus police could be useful. “I think that is cool, because I don't have their number off the top of my head, “she said.

Students interviewed said they did not know the app existed, saying there was no email to alert them to it.




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