Wichita State Launches New “Rave Guardian” Safety App


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Campus safety is top of mind for most students and their parents

Now, Wichita State University is unveiling the “Rave Guardian” app.

The safety app is launching just days after an alert was issued regarding a man a campus who approached several female students, asking them if he could practice his foot massage techniques.

“There’s always a chance that something could happen. So, it’s always good to prepare for the worse,” stated Brandon Lewis, WSU senior.

Lewis among others in Shocker nation are about to feel a little safer.

“I think technology has really helped the thing for students and Wichita State is really engaging in that too,” explained Halley Maloy, WSU senior.

Rave Guardian will let your friends or police virtually walk you home.

It’s an app that gives Maloy, peace of mind.

“It sounds like a really good app to have, especially you know being a woman on campus, if I’m here late at night or just anytime feeling safe,” she said.

“It’s just another way for us to have contact with the community beyond just their calls to us,” stated Capt. Corey Herl, UPD operations at WSU.

Capt. Herl says once you’ve downloaded the app, you can request one or more friends, family, or campus police to be “guardians”.

“They could select us to be their guardian as it goes, or a friend to be their guardian. They can set their own timer and nothing happens until that timer goes off,” said Herl.

The timer is something you set if you’re leaving class. Or on your way to your car.

If you don’t trigger the timer that you have safely arrived at your destination, the app will notify your guardians.

“They’ll get the notification, or we’ll get the notification that somethings wrong,” continued Herl.

If you choose the university police as a guardian, officers will respond to the call.

“I can have that confidence to walk out to my vehicle knowing that somebody’s looking out for me, be it virtually or not, either a friend of mine or the police department,” Herl explained.

University officials are hoping this app will improve the overall safety of Wichita State’s campus.

“It has the potential to do great things for us, to expand our ability to serve the community,” Herl stated.

Shocker alerts are also sent out on this app. The university wants to make it a one stop shop for all WSU safety. To install Rave Guardian, visit Apple or Google Play store and search for Rave Guardian.



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