UALR Uses App To Warn Students Of Active Shooter


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Across the Ohio State campus in Columbus, authorities urged students to follow three rules: run, hide, fight.  It is a mantra security experts are installing in schools and universities across the country, including right here in Arkansas.

All universities in central Arkansas have some protocol in place. At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, they also use the phrase run, hide, and fight.  But an app called "RAVE" allows students to make contact with campus police during any actual shooting or other emergency.  While most students have it downloaded, they hope never to have to use it.

UALR Assistant Chief of Investigation Rommel Benjamin is urging students to download the RAVE app so they can immediately get alerted if there's an active shooting or other emergency.

“If an active shooter is on the campus and if they are on the RAVE system, we can alert them by their cell phone and email and over the telephone system,” Benjamin said.

It would also tell students and faculty where the incident is taking place and what areas to stay away from.

“If they see the person they can give us a description of what the person looks like or what type of weapon they have,” Benjamin said.

It would also help police as they look for suspects who may have accessed the campus.  30 campus police officers are trained by the FBI and local police on how to control, assist, and defuse an active shooting.

“Generally, we do an active shooting video which is just a demonstration, and then we talk about it and answer questions,” Benjamin said.

When students receive an alert of an active shooter on campus, doors will automatically lock.  If students are located inside a room with an automatic lock police, say they can use everyday items like belts, ties, and jacket to wrap around the door’s hinges or if possible they can manually lock the door.

Mariah Peterson is a freshman at UALR and situations like that at Ohio State have her on high alert.

"Whenever I do get on my social media and hear about things like the Ohio State incident, it makes me start to think," said Peterson.  "So, maybe like today I won't feel as safe as normal."

Students said the problem is they're unfamiliar with what to do during an active shooting, often calling local police instead of campus police.  But police say everything needed is in the app.

“So the key is RAVE alert,” Benjamin said.

Source: KTHV


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