UMass Dartmouth Boosts Campus Safety with New App


UMass Dartmouth is taking to the mobile app for its campus safety, with a roll out of the Rave Guardian campus safety app.

guardian_app_saasDesigned to check on the status of a student if, for example, they are walking from the library to the dorm at night, Rave Guardian sends notifications to the proper authorities and individuals to verify that students arrive at their destinations safely.

According to SouthCoast Today, students log in to the app from their smartphone, and enter their destination. Once this information has been provided, the app starts a timer, that requires the student to notify the app again when they arrive.

The app also automatically provides student profile and location information to public safety staff so that the student can be monitored in case something happens along the way.

University officials expect the app to be available to both staff and students by the end of September, serving the nearly 710-acre campus.

The company behind the safety app is Framingham, Massachusetts-based Rave Mobile Safety. The company created the first version of its campus safety program in 2006 after interviewing thousands of students. In the time since, the Rave has made its solution available on iPhone and Android, with the mobile app was launched earlier this year. The app is being rolled out at 100 colleges and universities across the country, according to Piett.

UMass Dartmouth implemented one of Rave’s other solutions, the MyAlert system, four years ago to alert students about weather and other emergencies. It’s a utility that was particularly useful in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing last year, when officials used the notification system to alert staff and students in order to evacuate the campus smoothly.

The Rave Guardian mobile app will act as a compliment to the existing system. UMass Dartmouth has seen relative success with mobile apps on campus already, after launching the Corsair Shuttle app last spring. That app tracks the campus shuttle to reduce wait times and has been heavily used.

Mobile apps tailored to student life continue to gain steam on campus, and the marriage of safety and technology seems a good fit at UMass Dartmouth.


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