UCO Introduces Mobile App to Enhance Campus Safety


As part of the University of Central Oklahoma’s ongoing commitment to the safety of its community, UCO Office of Safety and Transportation Services has launched a smartphone app designed to enhance the personal safety of UCO students, faculty and staff both on and off campus.

The UCO Rave Guardian app is a free tool that allows users to create a profile and invite family and friends to join their safety network as “guardians.” Users can set a safety timer and invite one or more of their guardians to virtually walk with them while on or off campus, as well as call UCO Police Services, send anonymous tips with photos, and call 911 — all within the app.

When a user contacts UCO Police through the app, the caller’s name and GPS location are transmitted to dispatch, ensuring a fast response time. User profile information, including location, is only visible to UCO police if a user initiates contact.

 “While incidences of crime on campus are rare, UCO is committed to providing students, faculty and staff with tools that allow them to be proactive about their safety,” said UCO Director of Emergency Management Norman Nieves.

“We’re excited to offer this tool to our campus community and give students and employees one more way to remain safe whether they’re on or off campus.”

The app is in addition to Central’s long-standing SafeWalk program, a 24/7 service for students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus who would like an escort between campus buildings or to a vehicle for any reason.

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