Using Uber? Let Your Rave Guardians Know


“One of the concerns in a college town is drinking and driving. There have been studies since Uber has come about that show that in cities that use the service there have been significant reductions drunk driving arrests and crashes,” Susan McCallister, Associate Director of Public Safety said.

While many students see the benefit of Uber being in town, some are still not sold on the idea of getting into a car alone with a stranger.

“I think it is better than people driving under the influence, but I wouldn't take it by myself, I would rather people take it with a group or something like that,” Uber user Victoria Popenfoose said.

but if you feel unsafe while using a rideshare application, public safety officials say you can use the Rave Guardian App. The app acts as a safety timer on your smartphone.

“Maybe you are going for your Uber ride and it will take you 15 minutes,” McCallister said. “You set the timer for 15 minutes and select someone as your guardian and they can track where you are going during that time. If you don't turn off the timer you get an alert that your timer is in alarm and that they need to check on you.”

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