UAA Police Chief Addresses Campus Procedures


ANCHORAGE (KTUU) University Police Chief Brad Munn joined Channel 2 Monday evening to talk about how the University of Alaska Anchorage police department trains for and responds to potential incidents.

Munn also responded to questions before the live interview. Here is the video, and below, some of his responses, some combined for relevance and clarity:

What are some of the tactics UPD teaches or trains with for responding to an active shooter event?

Chief Munn: All UAA University Police Department officers are trained in active shooter response. We have in-house active shooter training once a semester so that we are prepared for these types of situations. Annually, we train with Anchorage Police and the FBI so that we are as prepared as possible.

For our university community we offer "Run. Hide. Fight." training, which is focused on surviving an active shooter event. Training videos are available on our website.

How does the Police Department notify students and staff of an emergent threat or public safety concern?

Chief Munn: We use the Rave alert system. By activating Rave, we can send messages to the university community via text, email and phone, as well as to our institutional social media accounts.

These types of situations are based on the Clery Act, which requires campuses that receive federal funding to inform the public of crimes or emergencies on campus. The system is primarily used for Clery-reportable crimes. Those would be a serious and continuing threat to the university community such as a sexual assault, robbery, or vehicle thefts.


Source: KTUU


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