UAB Students Utilizing Safety App 'Rave Guardian'



Almost one year ago, UAB started offering a safety app to their students called Rave Guardian. It offers several safety functions for students and staff to use when they are walking around campus by themselves.

According to System Director of Emergency Management Kyle Boyett, about 2,500 students use the app. The Majority of the time they use the ‘safety timer.’ This function allows students to set a timer for how long they believe it will take them to walk to their destination. When they arrive to that location they will alert the app that they are safe. If the timer runs out before the student marks that they are safe, their phone will automatically alert campus police and send them GPS coordinates of their location.

"Most of the timer activations we are seeing have been in the evening hours, but we have seen some during the day. It can be used 24-7, 365," said Boyett.

The app also has a feature where students or staff on campus can alert campus police of any suspicious activity. If they see anything alarming on campus they can simply snap a picture, write a brief description, and send it in straight to campus police. This function of the app has really come in handy for the University. "There has been some suspicious activity that students have seen on social media sites and they have reported that to UAB police and of course that's a law enforcement issue and they immediately went in and conducted an investigation," Boyett explains.

The app is free for anyone to download. The Rave Guardian app is available in the app store. To get the special UAB features, students and staff must put in their UAB email address.



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