Texas State’s Emergency Response Systems Deserve Student Gratitude


Bobcats should be thankful for the extensive safety and alert systems that are in place at Texas State amid recent security threats at college campuses in the country.

The bomb threats at the University of Texas and Louisiana State University have caused a stir both on national and local media networks. Other occurrences have also sparked concerns for students at Texas State. According to a Sept. 15 University Star brief, two custodial workers were assaulted at knife-point while walking on the west side of campus.
In light of recent events, it seems as though not enough credit is given to the emergency response systems here at the university. The University Police Department’s emergency alert procedures and RAVE system may be taken for granted by many students on campus.

According to a Sept. 14 CBS News article, emergency texts and sirens were not sent out or blared until about 30 minutes prior to when the alleged bombs were supposed to detonate at UT, even though the university received the threat from a phone call more than an hour beforehand.

Many students specifically take for granted the speed at which the Texas State emergency response system sends out notifications. The Texas State emergency alert system provides the community with immediate information when it is needed most.

There are a number of ways UPD can get emergency messages out to students on or off campus. For example, the messages sent to the signboards in campus classrooms are excellent ways of spreading information. They are discreet, quick, and create a sense of urgency for those who may need to act immediately.

UPD’s RAVE system is a relatively new and useful service. By registering for the system, users can receive text alerts about any sudden danger on campus. It is a quick and convenient way to be notified of important information. It is certainly a service worth checking out, seeing as it uses everyday devices to warn students of potentially dangerous situations.

The alert emergency and timely warning emails are some of the most effective methods for getting urgent information to students, faculty and staff. The service can be as effective as a text message, as many phones today have apps that alert their owners of incoming emails.

If students are not convinced of the sophistication of the security systems in the area, they should take a look at the situation in Bastrop last year. According to a Sept. 28, 2011 University Star article, Hays County used the Capital Area Council of Governments’ Emergency Notification System to notify residents by telephone of the approaching wildfires. The system is much like Texas State’s RAVE system. The response was fantastic, and, because of it, many lives were saved. It is because of systems like these that there are such advanced emergency response methods here at Texas State.

The next time something as serious as the recent security threats pops up in your inbox or cell phone, do not simply pass over it. The Texas State emergency response and RAVE systems work hard to keep students safe and enable them to continue with education as worry-free as possible.


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