Tech SGA Launches New Mobile Safety Application


As the new school year begins, the Texas Tech Student Government Association is launching a brand new application to make Tech a safer environment for all students.

The idea for the Raider Safe app came from a two-year old student initiative, said Alex DeRossi, SGA external vice president.  SGA worked with various app developers, IT and marketing officials and the Risk Intervention & Safety Education office. The RISE office is in charge of all safety education events on campus to keep students informed at all times.

“We really wanted to make safety a priority,” DeRossi said.

 A primary safety feature on the app is the safety timer. Students can set the timer with the time one is heading out, the location to where the student is going and the expected time of return, according to the RISE website. Along with this feature, a student is allowed three emergency contacts.

These contacts can be whoever the student chooses, from parents to roommates. Thus, if a safety timer is set by the student and not deactivated before the time of return, the emergency contacts will be notified immediately.

No specific incidents on campus particularly inspired the thought for this app. Devin DeLapp, public relations director for SGA, said she brought up the event of a University of Texas student being abducted and found just near campus last spring.

“That gave us more reason to do this,” DeLapp said. “Not that those events are happening on Tech campus, but we want to prevent those events from happening here.”

Students will also have access to their own mobile blue light that notifies Tech Police Department and 911, DeRossi said. Another feature available, is that students may text crime tips to the Tech PD in the event of having items stolen or found.


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