Smart911 to Reduce Emergency Response Times in Calcasieu Parish


Published: 8/23 2:24 pm ,  Updated: 8/23 2:32 pm,  Reported by: Valen Johnson

Calcasieu Parish, LA (FOX29 News) -

"911, what's your emergency?"

It's a call you never want to make. But it's being made a little easier with a new system designed to help emergency response teams bring you and your family to safety quicker than ever before.

It's Smart911, and it allows citizens to input their personal, medical, and household information to make it easily available to first responders when you call with an emergency.

Calcasieu Parish 911 Executive Director, Robin Martin explains Smart911, "If they put this information in ahead of time, it's going to pop up on the screen when you call from the number that's tied to your Smart 911 profile. That information then, we see it, and we give a code to the policemen, the firemen, or the ambulance driver in the field. They bring it up on their computer driving to the scene."

Calcasieu Parish is the first in Louisiana to use this system. And across the nation, there is a 79% recovery rate of missing children because of Smart911.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso states, "This is important to us. Whether it be fire, police, or ambulance personnel, the more information we have at our disposal and the faster we are able to retrieve it makes our response to citizen-facing emergencies that much more effective."

Creating a profile is easy. Go to to sign up. This allows you to enter your phone number, house details, your family's information, and even information about your pet, that will make it as easy as possible for first responders to help out.

Martin says, "It's a free service. There's no obligation, you do not have to join. But it's free and secure. Your information is only going to be shown to 911 operators when you dial from your cell phone number."

Take five minutes out of your day to create a Smart911 Safety Profile so when the unexpected happens, you'll already be one step ahead.


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