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Among the most frustrating things I see when I watch a crime news report is the 9-1-1 transcript. Based on the dialogue presented by whatever network I happen to be watching, I can just see precious seconds ticking away.

But don’t get me wrong. I am in no way blaming either the caller or the 9-1-1 dispatcher. There are just pieces of information the police need to know before they get to your place.

And although that is absolutely necessary, the clock is ticking.

That’s where comes in.

Once you sign up, you create a safety profile that gives the 911 operator every piece of information about you that is important in an emergency.

Information such as: how many family members live in your home, if you have pets, medical conditions, medications, address, photos of yourself and your family, details about elderly family members who may be prone to wandering.

All of this info can be a part of your profile. And if you have an emergency, it will all appear on screen when you call 911. No questions pertaining to vital information will need to be asked. And so much time will have been saved.

In an emergency, we can't afford to waste ANY amount of time.

Smart911 makes sure that will never happen.


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