Smart911 will Allow Van Buren County Residents to Offer More Information to First Responders


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Written By Rod Smith
Posted on May 29, 2013

The Van Buren County Board of Commissioners Tuesday decided to put in place a system that allows residents to create a profile to enhance their safety in case of an emergency.

"Smart911" is an upgrade to the county's current 911 emergency phone system that can store more information about a residence.

"That's certainly going to be an asset for first responders," County Administrator Douglas Cultra said.

The system can be used to inform emergency crews about children and any pets, with pictures included, if desired. A homeowner could also let firefighters know about potential hazards, such as the location of gasoline, according to Cultra, as well as medical conditions, geography or the floor plan of a house.

"Any information that first responders or law enforcement can receive before arriving to the emergency location, will certainly improve their ability to respond,"  Cultra said.

The information is entirely voluntary, according to the county administrator.

The vendor is Rave Mobile Safety, of Framingham, Mass. There's a one-time start-up fee of $5,000 plus $18,000 annually for five years.

The formal decision will be made at the commission's June 11 meeting.


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