Smart911 Technology Receives Widespread Industry Accolades in 2011


Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart911 technology had quite a lot to celebrate in 2011 with all the industry acclaim in received and, accordingly now the technology is available to over five million citizens across 20 U.S. states including Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee, among others.

TMCnet reported that Smart911 allows users to store critical care and emergency rescue information with it in advance of any emergency. The information is collected on the Smart911 website. Then, if one calls 911 from a subscriber phone, Smart911’s technology automatically makes the information available to the caller’s 911 operator, provided that the 911 center receiving the call has Smart911 technology. Smart911 enables public safety tele-communicators to thrive in their role by providing them with vital, lifesaving citizen information.

Users are enabled to enter life-saving information, including home addresses affiliated with their cell phone, information about allergies, disabilities or impairments, as well as photos of family members and this is said to be far more extensive than what is usually available with the 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders which in turn significantly enhances emergency response outcomes.

An official associated with the Atlanta Police Support Services asserted that in the city of Atlanta, they strive to create a dependable 9-1-1 center that can support the community with a quick and accurate response during an emergency. At present, when so many people use cell phones to communicate, it’s critical that they bridge the gap between their existing 9-1-1 technology and the technology used by their callers. The data delivered to their 9-1-1 center is automatically made available to the answering telecommunicator, whether the call originates from a citizen’s landline, VoIP, or mobile phone. Location data and additional emergency information mean that they are able to improve emergency outcomes and improve safety.

Rave Mobile Safety stated that many municipalities across the nation adopted Smart911 and were able to enhance 9-1-1 response with critical caller info furnished to 9-1-1 centers. The technology was also endorsed by major advocacy groups across the country, including the Epilepsy Foundation, Autism Speaks and numerous regional disability coalitions and deaf and hard of hearing coalitions.

The company added that it is encouraged by the growth of Smart911, but is most proud of the lives that have been saved in communities where Smart911 is deployed.


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