Smart911 Profile Can Help Officers Locate Missing Persons Faster


little rock news screenshotIt's National Amber Alert Awareness Day.

Precious time can be wasted in a search for a missing child, and a new standard to find missing children is making strides here in Arkansas.

Emergency Department statewide are using social media to send out reminders on ways you can make sure your family is prepared with a plan incase child disappears or is abducted. This program, called Smart911, makes the state of Arkansas especially unique in its efforts towards child safety.

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Smart911 allows users to create online profiles for every member in their family. They can add as little or as much info as they want including address, pictures, medical concerns, phone number, and pets. When a person with a Smart911 profile calls in an emergency, all of this information will immediately be sent to law enforcement.

In October 2012, 5-year-old Kathryn Cook missed the bus to day care. Her mother Robyn had already set up a profile for her daughter when she called 911. Police found Katheryn in a park near her daycare.

Officers said it can take up to an hour to send out your information if they don't have it in their system, so having a profile like Kathryn did gets the search started immediately.

Follow this link to create your own profile:


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