Smart911 Now Active in the City of Van Buren


The Van Buren Police Department announced today that SMART911 is fully active for citizens.

Following the June 4 announcement that Arkansas is the first in the nation to offer SMART911 service statewide, agencies across the state have been working to activate service for their community. SMART911 allows citizens to create a FREE Safety Profile online of additional data about themselves and family members which is automatically displayed to 9-1-1 Call Telecommunicators (Dispatchers) during emergency calls. The result is far greater emergency response effectiveness and saved lives.

“Having more information is an immeasurable benefit to emergency responders and we encourage citizens to create a SMART911 Safety Profile”, according to Lieutenant Stephen Staggs. “The profile can detail medical conditions and disabilities that help dispatchers understand why a caller might be uncommunicative, expediting and supporting EMT response. In an emergency, more information means greater effectiveness, saving invaluable time and lives”.

SMART911 is a nationwide service that is entirely private and secure, once a Safety Profile has been created, anytime that a citizen dials 9-1-1 in an area with active service, their profile will be available to the 9-1-1 Center and emergency responders. The availability of this service provides Arkansans with an enhanced level of safety across the entire state.

The Van Buren Police Department serves the City Limits of Van Buren, Arkansas with 9-1-1, Police, Fire, EMT and emergency utilities response.


The vendor for SMART911, Rave Mobile Safety, is the one of the most trusted software partner for campus and public safety. Used by leading Institutes of Higher Education and State and Local Agencies , the award-winning portfolio of RaveAlert, RaveGuardian, Eyewitness, SMART911, and SmartPrepare enables millions to feel safe, secure and connected. Rave Mobile Safety is headquartered in Framingham, MA.



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