Smart911 Launches in Mississippi


smart911 site url screenshotFEBRUARY 26, 2015 - 9-1-1 emergencies happens everyday and now residents and visitors to Forrest County can prepare for one before it happens.

"We encourage everyone to do their profile, even for your children," says Andy Geske of AAA Ambulance Service.

Recently, officials announced the launch of in the county.All you have to do is create a safety profile on the website and when you call 9-1-1, dispatchers automatically *see* information that can help them help you more quickly. 

"The service is completely free to you, it's private, and it's secure," says Forrest County EMA.

Forrest County is the first in Mississippi to offer the service. Each household that creates a profile on can select what information they want to provide, from work and home addresses to medical conditions, license plate numbers, and even pictures of each family member so that first responders can know who they're searching for. Lt. Jon Traxler of the Hattiesburg Police Dept. says:

"If they may have a large dog or something like that, before we approach things like that will help us when we're responding to your call for service."

"If a patient comes to our er and they've created a safety profile, then the ambulance driver will be able to share that with our er staff. Many times this information, sometimes crucially life saving, isn't available until a family comes on the scene later on," says Michael Marks of Forrest General Hospital.

Smart 9-1-1 also lets dispatchers texts the person who is calling. Jessica Rose of Smart 9-1-1 says:

"Whether you can't breath, it's a medical condition or it's dangerous to communicate, the dispatcher can start a chat session through text through the smart 911 console to your phone."

According to county officials, making a free safety profile for your household will make a difference in your emergency. Once you make a profile.... Smart 9-1-1 will alert you to update information every 6 months.








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