Smart911 Gives Real-Time Patient Information


Missoula 911 callers can now take advantage of a national database called “Smart911” to assist emergency responders as they respond to 911 calls.

Smart911 lets people create their own online safety profile, listing important information like health conditions and allergies, or their home’s location and floor plan. When firefighters or paramedics are called in for an emergency, they can access the person’s profile en route.

“We have a great saying in the dispatch world. It’s dispatchers save seconds, and seconds save lives,” said Missoula County 911 Center Director Chris Lounsbury. “This gives us just those extra pieces of information that may be those extra seconds that a responder needs when they get there.”

Lounsbury says Missoula County is first in the state to implement Smart911. The database is free, and the information is kept private, except during emergencies. 5 million people nationally have already created safety profiles.

For information about how to sign up, go to Smart911’s website by clicking here.


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