Smart911 Free Service Available to Porter County Residents


Porter County Central Communications (911) is urging residents of Porter County and surrounding areas to sign up for Smart911.

Smart911 can help responders serve the community better in an emergency. When any registered phone is used to dial 911, dispatchers are automatically provided with information that has been linked to that phone. Users can register cell phones and landlines, entering pertinent information about themselves, family members, their homes, automobiles, and even their pets.

The profile information is completely private and secure. The details are voluntarily entered and only available to dispatchers and first responders when a registered phone is used to dial 911.

The information provided to dispatch by Smart911 can help police officers locate missing Alzheimer’s patients or autistic children, can alert EMS teams to patients with chronic illness, and can advise fire responders of how many people live in a home.

Porter County is currently the only area in Indiana offering this free service that is supported by existing 911 technologies.

Because a Smart911 profile is accessible to any dispatch center in the country that is set up to receive it, vehicle information linked to a cell phone can be useful while traveling. Even non-residents can benefit if their registered cell phone connects to Porter County Central Communications during an emergency while visiting the area.

Everyone is urged to take advantage of this potentially life-saving service by going to and creating a profile for their household.

Director of Communications, John M. Jokantas advised that he has his own profile in the Smart911 system.

“There is so much you can include. Not only medical information, but also information for the Fire Department in case there is a fire. The three most significant items that stand out in my profile are where my gas shut off is, the location of the electrical panel, and where the hydrants are from my residence,” Jokantas said. “The nice thing is you can enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.”

To register or for questions regarding Smart911 go to

Questions regarding Porter County Central Communications can be sent to


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